Jun Suzuki Group

Quantum Information Theory group
University of Electro-Communications (UEC) Tokyo

We are working on quantum information thoery, quantum estimation theory,
information geometry, quantum field theory, foundation on quantum theory, etc.

Current members

Jun Suzuki (Assoc. Prof.)
K. M. (PhD)  [Bayes statistics, statistical mechanics]
Jianchao Zhang (PhD) [quantum estimation]
Kehan Zhao (PhD) [quantum Bayes statistics]
Takehiro Tsurumi (Master) [quantum information]  
Kazuki Yamada (Undergraduate) [quantum information]

Recent papers

For a complete list of publications, cleck here.


We are not opening any postdoctoral position at this moment.
If you are interested in joining our gruop, please apply for the JSPS Fellowship.
For more informaiton, visit this site or contact me.